Using Bio-Cultural Protocols to Implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and Multi-lateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) at the Local Level for Sustainable Development

Contributed by Krystyna Swiderska, Co-Director of the ISE Global Coalition The Global Coalition, in conjunction with the Ethics Committee, works closely with other non-profit organizations and academic and professional societies on policy and advocacy, including implementation and adoption of the ISE Code of Ethics. During the 2012 ISE Congress, a full-day workshop in the ISE… Read more »

Side and Post Congress Events

contributed by: Edmond Dounias, Congress Organizer Side-Congress Meeting: Biocultural Collections 10th Annual Meeting The 10th Annual Meeting of Biocultural Collections was held at the Botanic Institute of Montpellier on May 24, 2012, and was open to all Ethnobiologists. There was a short introduction to the organization and a review of activities over the last year:… Read more »

Pre-Congress Workshop on Agrodiversity

Across Landscapes in a Changing World: Ancient and Present Pathways Contributed by Edmond Dounias, Congress Coordinator Bioversity International and the Research Group Mosaïque (Agrodiversity, agroecosystems and environment, domestication and innovations) of CNRS jointly organized this one-day workshop (May 19, 2012). The objective was to discuss the scope of working at the landscape level to understand… Read more »

Pre-Congress Workshop on Local Ecological Knowledge, Honey Harvesting and Global Change

Contributed by Edmond Dounias, Congress Coordinator The Sentimiel program aims to valorize traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) tied to beekeeping and honey collecting through a network that centralizes the contact information and the characteristics of the groups of people involved in these activities. The goal is to federate diverse local actors who possess empirical knowledge about… Read more »

Pre-Congress Workshop on Conservation by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Contributed by the Global Diversity Foundation The ICCA Consortium, the Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) and the BEDE Network jointly proposed an international workshop (May 17-19, 2012) on “Conservation by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: Advances in Participatory Action Research, Dissemination and Advocacy”, a follow-up to the workshop on “Community Conservation in Practice” held before the… Read more »