Contributed by Edmond Dounias, Congress Coordinator

2The Sentimiel program aims to valorize traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) tied to beekeeping and honey collecting through a network that centralizes the contact information and the characteristics of the groups of people involved in these activities. The goal is to federate diverse local actors who possess empirical knowledge about bees and their productions and who, by their regular observation of the activity of these insects, also possess records and data about the impact of global changes on their local environment.

Sentimiel’s prospective objective is to access funding by large international agencies that may finance participatory action research projects targeting problems or issues raised locally by members of the network.

This two-day ‘by invitation only’ workshop (May 18-19, 2012) was hosted in the Darwin house of the Lunaret Zoo, and included a fieldtrip in the Cévennes National Park.


Sponsor: Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité [Foundation for Biodiversity Research]

The Sentimiel program was introduced on pages 7-9 of ISE Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 1 (December 2012) which focused on ethnozoology.