Proposed Changes to the ISE Code of Ethics (2006)

Submitted by Kelly Bannister and Gleb Raygorodetsky, ISE Ethics Program Co-Chairs

27 July 2016


It is time for some minor updates to the ISE Code of Ethics (CoE), which was ratified unanimously by ISE members at the 2006 Congress in Thailand. An ongoing commitment to continually review and affirm the CoE was part of the ratification process.

Through ISE member and sister society feedback solicited through 2010 and received intermittently since then, it is clear that the vast majority of members do not see need for substantial revisions. It was formally agreed at the 2010 Congress that the CoE should remain intact as an aspirational document and that only non-substantive minor updates should be made. Efforts since then have focused on developing resources and tools to assist with understanding and implementing the CoE through the online ISE Ethics Toolkit.

Given widespread satisfaction with the existing CoE, and respecting that the CoE has been translated into several languages, the proposed revisions are minor and focused on updating and clarifying the existing text with minimal change. Revisions include: simplifying grammar or sentence structure; clarifying terms; expanding the glossary; and updating language (e.g., changing “tape recording” to “audio or video recording”).

Ratification Process for a Revised ISE Code of Ethics:

The proposed changes have been endorsed by the ISE Ethics Co-Chairs and the 2014-16 ISE Board. The changes must be ratified by 2/3 of ISE members before the new version will officially replace the 2006/2008 version.

A simple online poll has been created to enable ISE members to review the proposed changes and indicate a “yes” or “no” choice to ratify the new version in full. Email reminders will be sent to encourage a timely response.

The new version will be formally adopted by the ISE and replace the current version on the website when 2/3 of members have ratified it. This number (2/3) is consistent with Article 17.1 of the ISE Constitution which reads: “The rules of this Constitution may be modified or amended by a minimum of two-thirds (2/3) vote of members”. Email notice will be given to all members at the time when the new version is formally adopted.

Comments can be directed to the Ethics Program Co-chairs at [email protected]


Please review the Proposed Changes to the ISE Code of Ethics (2006). To participate in the ratification process, log in to your ISE account, below. If you’ve forgotten your password, click on “Forgot password?” below the log-in information and the system will send you a new one. If your email address is not found, your membership has likely expired. You can renew your membership here.