The Use of Live Songbirds in Mexico

Contributed by Blanca Roldán-Clarà Last summer, I participated in the 14th Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE) that took place in Bhutan with my PhD research. I had an excellent overall impression of the congress and really felt that I belong to the ethnobiologist group. I presented a poster entitled: Perceptions of the… Read more »

My Congress Experience – Ali Garcia Segura

Contributed by Alí García Segura, Bribri, University of Costa Rica This year from June 1-7 in Bhutan a successful event was held and I’d like to share my experience with you. Bhutan is a country nested in the mountains between India, China and Nepal. The 14th Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology was held… Read more »

Remembering the 14th ISE Congress in Bhutan

Contributed by Sangay Wangchuk, Congress Organizer In May 2012, Montpellier-France, the Toka Toka (Darrel Posey walking stick) was handed over to Bhutan by the 13th International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE) congress organizers. It was indeed a great privilege for the Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment. Hosting the 14th ISE in Bhutan not only provided… Read more »

ISE Student/Recent Graduate Prize 2012

Contributed by Gisella Cruz Garcia, 2010-2012 European Regional Representative The ISE Student/Recent Graduate Prize successfully took place this year during the 2012 ISE Congress held in Montpellier. This Prize is important for recognizing outstanding research activities conducted by students and, at the same time, inspiring the growing international community of emerging ethnobiologists. The jury was… Read more »

ISE Darrell Posey Fellowship Program for Ethnoecology and Traditional Resource Rights at the 2012 Congress

Contributed by Mary Stockdale and Miguel Alexiades, Darrell Posey Fellowship Program Co-Chairs In May 2012, Miguel Alexiades was appointed by the ISE Board to replace Sarah Laird as a Co-Chair of the ISE Darrell Posey Fellowship Program. This followed the 2011 appointment of Mary Stockdale to serve as a Co-Chair with Sarah Laird. Sarah will… Read more »