Contributed by Gisella Cruz Garcia, 2010-2012 European Regional Representative

The ISE Student/Recent Graduate Prize successfully took place this year during the 2012 ISE Congress held in Montpellier. This Prize is important for recognizing outstanding research activities conducted by students and, at the same time, inspiring the growing international community of emerging ethnobiologists. The jury was composed of renowned senior and local ethnobiologists, as well as ethnobiology students. All candidates for the Prize were judged by at least three members of the jury: one senior, one local and one student.

Student presentations were evaluated according to creativity, clarity, well-structured organization, ethical commitment, community involvement, social significance and scholarly merit, as well as the potential to engage public opinion or be of wider interest. We are very thankful to all members of the jury who contributed significantly to this important competition. All student candidates for the Prize made good presentations and clearly put a lot of effort in their participation. However, the jury had to make a choice.

The winners of the ISE graduate student prize, which were announced on Friday, May 25, during the 2nd ISE General Assembly, are the following:

Joseph 2012 ISE Student Prize AwardeeWinner, Oral presentation Category: Leigh Joseph, University of Victoria, Canada
Title: Finding our Roots: Ethnoecological Restoration of an Iconic Plant Food in the Squamish Estuary, British Columbia, Canada


Chin-Chang 2012 ISE Student Prize AwardWinner, Poster Presentation Category: Huei-Wen Chin, National Taiwan University, and Wei-Chi Chang, National Hsinchu University of Education, Taiwan
Title: The Possibility of Indigenous Initiative Economy: The “E-go Shop” Case Study on Reconstructing Indigenous Traditional Food Systems.
Schine 2012 ISE Student Prize AwardeeWinner, Alternative Format Presentation Category: Jennifer Schine, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Title: Soundwalking: Ways of Listening to the Biological World.


Honorable Mention, Poster Presentation Category: Daniel Salau Rogei, Simba Maasai Outreach Organization/Centre for Indigenous languages and Cultural Studies, Kenya
Title: The Sage Wisdom Philosophy and its Place in the Contemporary Sustainable Development: A Case Study of the Maasai Indigenous Peoples of Kenya.