Contributed by the Global Diversity Foundation

The ICCA Consortium, the Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) and the BEDE Network jointly proposed an international workshop (May 17-19, 2012) on “Conservation by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: Advances in Participatory Action Research, Dissemination and Advocacy”, a follow-up to the workshop on “Community Conservation in Practice” held before the 2010 ISE Congress in Tofino, Canada. This workshop is closely linked to Congress session 44.

Indigenous Forum 1

Limited to 30 participants, the event was held at Cravirola, a cooperatively run farm located near Montpellier. It brought together indigenous peoples, members of local communities and collaborators currently engaged in:

  1. Monitoring and carrying out participatory research on the efficacy of community action for conservation;
  2. Communicating information through traditional events and innovative venues (e.g. citizen journalism, photo-stories, video and new forms of social media); and
  3. Engaging in advocacy and action to ensure the good governance and effective management of their indigenous conserved territories and community conserved areas (ICCAs).