Regional Representative for Africa

Regional Representative for Europe

Regional Representatives are seen as key networking and outreach agents for the Society, acting as a liaison between ethnobiological organizations and/or practitioners in their region and the ISE Board. The position of Regional Representative is intended to build upon the strengths and interests of each individual in ways that support and further the goals of the ISE. Regional Representatives are expected to: 1) become a member of the ISE in good standing, if they are not yet so when being appointed; 2) attend at least 2 out of 4 of the quarterly Board meetings per year, 2) provide a report to ISE members at the 1st General Assembly at the Congress, either in person or by proxy, 3) if attending the Congress, participate in two in-person Board meetings and two General Assemblies.

You may nominate yourself or someone else who you are familiar with, as long as that person accepts the nomination. The nomination should include approximately 300 words outlining specifically how the candidate fulfils the requirements for the Board position, his/her intentions and vision for ISE development over the next term, and any other information that the ISE Board should know about the candidate. A photograph and a short biography or curriculum vitae are not required but may be included as supporting materials if you wish. 

Please send your nominations to [email protected] with the subject line “ISE Board Regional Representatives Nominations” by 16 April, 2023.

Based on the nominations received, the ISE Board will select and appoint the two positions at its next meeting in April 2023.

Kind regards,

Sarah-Lan Mathez-Stiefel, PhD

President, ISE Board