ISE2015YEChandsThe ISE’s vision is a world rich in biocultural diversity, in which all knowledge holders are equally respected.

Our mission is to increase understanding of relationships between human societies and the natural world in order to support and promote biological, cultural and linguistic diversity and to support the vital role of indigenous, local and traditional peoples in protecting their ecosystems and knowledge base.

The ISE has accomplished a lot over the last quarter century: At its peak, our membership grew to almost 1000 people from over 70 countries, we have held 15 international Congresses, our ground-breaking Code of Ethics has been developed collaboratively, and we have established and grown our core programs. However, the concerns that first brought us together have become more dire: the accelerating loss of biocultural diversity, the increasingly severe impacts of climate change, and continued threats to Indigenous rights. In response, we recognize the need to extend ourselves to a wider diversity of community and local organizations, in order to be more responsive to local and regional needs and create greater opportunities for the next generation of biocultural stewards.

As a 501(c)3 Scientific and Educational Society we rely on your support to continue our activities. Now more than ever, we need to work together to meet these challenges and unite all knowledge holders in finding solutions to the global issues we face. You can support the work of the ISE by joining the Society or renewing your membership, or by making a donation. Donations to the ISE are tax-deductible for US citizens.

This is your chance to ensure that the ISE can continue to offer all of its programs in the coming years.