The View From the Indigenous Forum

Contributed by Global Diversity Foundation

Global Diversity Foundation (GDF) and partners hosted a pre-congress workshop on the theme of “Conservation by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities: Advances in Participatory Action Research, Dissemination and Advocacy”. It brought together indigenous and local community representatives engaged in: participatory action research, dissemination and advocacy efforts that enhance the governance, and management of Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas.

In conjunction with this workshop, the Indigenous Forum also carried the theme “Participatory research, dissemination and advocacy”. GDF made a seamless link between the workshop and the Indigenous Forum by opening the workshop’s discussion to the broader public present at the 2012 ISE Congress through a dedicated and inaugural Indigenous Forum session.

Here, a conversation on the broad theme of communication was launched by a presentation that summed up the discussions held during the pre-congress workshop. Participants that were not at the workshop were asked to contribute their views, comments and experiences on the topic, and a panel of indigenous and local community members from the workshop were asked to respond.

One of the aims of this inaugural session was to generate an ongoing conversation about research, dissemination and advocacy throughout the Congress. GDF encouraged this discussion by setting up panels (one panel for each theme: participatory research, communication, dissemination and advocacy) in the Indigenous Forum space and making post-it notes and marker pens available to participants.

The latter were asked to write down (throughout the week and in their own language) comments, thoughts, and experiences regarding the topics, how they were dealt with throughout the various Congress sessions, and innovative contributions or ideas emerging during these sessions, and pin them up on the panels. On the Friday prior to the ISE 2nd General Assembly, participants were asked to join in a summing-up discussion—based on the ideas and thoughts collated and exhibited throughout the week—concerning the main themes.