Past ISE Field Fellows

Dutu Mantangkilan Cumantang (The Philippines, 2011-2013), also known as Amay (“Father”), is a well-respected figure, not only within the community of Mintapod, where he is the Datu (Leader), but also among all the Higaonon people, northern Mindanao Island. He was awarded the Field Fellowship on the basis of his long-standing and profound commitment to social… Read more »

2014-2016 Field Fellows

Benki Piyãko Ashaninka (Brazil) is a widely-known and respected Ashaninka leader who has, since a young age, been at the forefront in his people’s struggle for their ethnic and territorial rights, the preservation of their forest, the maintenance and strengthening of their indigenous identities, and the promotion of their cultural and spiritual values. Benki is… Read more »