Dear ISE Members,

The ISE Board is revisiting the appointed Board positions which have been left vacant since last September. We have asked Sarah Laird, recent Chair of the Fellowship Program and Alejandro Argumedo, recent Director of the Global Coalition – both of whom resigned prior to the departure of the previous Executive Board – to re-join the Board and assist us with their important duties until the next Congress.

The transitional Board recommends that appointed Board positions be expanded so that there are two people directing each ISE program. The additional appointed positions are Co-Director of the Global Coalition and the Co-Chairs for the Darrell Posey Fellowship and Ethics Committee.

Each position would run for four years, with overlapping terms where individuals rotate between Chair and Co-Chair roles (at each Congress only the Chair will be replaced, and the existing Co-Chair then assumes the Chair role while the newly appointed person becomes the Co-Chair). This will allow for easier transitions between Board terms, continuity and stability for these important programs and sharing of workloads as the ISE continues to grow.

Sarah Laird and Alejandro Argumedo are returning to their respective programs, and Kelly Bannister, the appointed Ethics Chair, is remaining in her current position, in order to maintain stability and continuity for these important programs that directly benefit ISE members in meaningful ways. Sarah, Alejandro, and Kelly have contributed enormously to the ISE over many years, are widely trusted, and we feel deserve our respect and gratitude. We are fortunate to maintain their continued support and involvement during this transition period. They all are supportive of the co-Chair arrangement. In the best interest of the Society, we all look forward to collaborative, peaceful engagement as a Board.

Toward this end, we are issuing the following Call for Expressions of Interest for the Co-Chair/Co-Director positions.

Call for Expressions of Interest in the Co-Director/Co-Chair ISE Program Positions

The ISE Board is calling for expressions of interest in the Board-appointed positions of Co-Chair of the ISE Darrell Posey Fellowship Program, Co-Chair of the ISE Ethics Committee and Co-Director of the ISE Global Coalition. The individuals appointed to these positions will fill the role of Co-Chair/Co-Director and will serve until the next ISE General Assembly, to be held in conjunction with the ISE Congress in 2012. The second half of their term will continue (as Chair/Director) until the following Congress in 2014. Generally, these positions will be 4 year terms, but given the unusual timing of the initial appointments, those appointed to these positions will serve approximately three years. New Co-Chairs/Co-Director for 2012-2014 will be appointed by the 2010-2012 Board at the Congress in Montepellier, France.


1. Expressions of Interest will be accepted until appointments are made in 2011.

2. The existing Chairs will lead the review process, with active participation from the full the Interim Board, the Council of Elders, and others who have previously held these positions or have been active on the related committees and working groups. The Interim Board (in full), will make the new appointments of Co-Chairs/Co-Director through consensus.

3. Please note that only current ISE members are eligible for appointments to these positions. The ISE Coordinator has sent out renewal reminders; if you have any questions about the status of your membership please email [email protected].

Prospective candidates should familiarize themselves with the history and current work of the program as outlined on the website and assess whether or not they have the time and skills needed. All members of the Board commit, as volunteers, and without remuneration, to a strong leadership and fundraising role in shaping the direction and continued success of these ISE programs. A minimum estimated time commitment is 6-10 hours per month on average (with some months requiring more time and others less). These Board members are also expected to participate in on-going ISE Board business and will need to be in regular email or telephone/skype contact with the ISE Coordinator. We encourage ISE members, including women and men from all parts of the world who are associated with ethnobiology in diverse ways, to put their names forward.

If you are interested in these Board positions, please send a short outline, of around 300 words, sharing your vision for the ISE program and your past experiences working on related issues, as well as any other information that the Interim ISE Board should know about you. A photograph and a short biography or curriculum vitae are not required but may be included as supporting materials if you wish.

Email Expressions of Interest to the ISE Admin, Natasha Duarte.

Should any members have questions about this process, please contact the ISE Coordinator or a member of the Interim Board or Council of Elders.

Warm regards,


ISE Coordinator

On behalf of the ISE Transitional Board