We are pleased to announce a new partnership between the ISE and a group called CIVILITI. CIVILITI’s programs are focused on Indigenous cultures, human rights, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

CIVILITI is a “benefit corporation” or B-corporation in the U.S., and has undergone a rigorous certification process and is required to continue regular reviews. Their work is focused specifically on positive social and environmental impact as a definitive requirement for all its dealings. They are committed to developing self-sustainable revenue programs that will be shared back with participating non-profits and NGO’s and their members and networks. The ISE has formed a partnership agreement with CIVILITI.

As a new entity, they are establishing websites that will provide global presentation to mobile, PC, TV and tablets that will educate and encourage action and advocacy. As members of the ISE, you are invited to contribute content to any or all of their programs, which means that your work will be highlighted as part of their commercial launch (coming soon!). Their initial programs include the following:

The CivilitiCatalog will feature Indigenous and Eco Art products AND tell the story/share the traditional knowledge behind the art or product. CIVILITI is building partnerships (in line with the ISE Code of Ethics) with Indigenous peoples and groups and will return 50% of gross income from catalog sales to the artists/artisan groups. The products can be direct (e.g., baskets) or a license agreement can be formed whereby a design is licensed and reproduced (into textiles, posters, cards, etc.). CIVILITI can use existing relationships or provide help with production when needed.

Civiliti.tv and EcoEchoes.org: focus on Human Rights (and Indigenous Rights) and Environmental Sustainability/Knowledge, respectively. These are Social Responsibility Networks that will share video content including 1-Minute Miracles (Calls for Action), 3-minute clips, and 7- and 15-minute videos. Links to feature length videos can also be included. These Networks are an opportunity to share human rights, indigenous rights and traditional environmental knowledge/ethnobiology work with a wide audience. (And of course there is overlap between EcoEchoes and Civiliti).

CIVILITI has the capacity to work with individuals and organizations to develop and/or edit video content, can support those who want to embed eCatalog links in their own websites, and will share back the completed videos so that they can be used for other purposes, like sharing with communities or embedding on your own websites.

In all cases, collaborating with Civiliti programs helps you reach a wider population, increases your visibility, distributes your content and creates revenue for the ISE as well as your entity.

If you have questions or are interested in participating in any of these programs, please contact us or email Dick Clark, CEO of CIVILITI.