2012 Conservation Ethnobiology Field School

The Ethnobotany Group at the University of Hawai’I at Kaua’I presents the 2012 Conservation Ethnobiology Field School. Basic Skills will be held from January 2-28, 2012, while the Advanced Skills component will run from January 31- February 11, 2012 The Field School provides a unique, hands-on opportunity for individuals needing training in basic field research techniques,… Read more »

Conference and Workshop Reports

On Forest Foods, a Festival and Community Empowerment Written by Jenne de Beer1 Introduction To many indigenous communities in Asia, traditional activities such as the gathering of forest foods, hunting and fishing, are vital adjuncts to farming and together, together forming an integrated system of resource utilization, catering to elementary subsistence needs. Forest foods can… Read more »

Principles and practices of Haudenosaunee environmental knowledge

Contributed by Jessica Dolan, McGill University, ISE Member Shé:kon, hello! My name is Jessica Dolan. I’m a PhD student currently doing research in Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) communities on how people are putting Haudenosaunee ecological knowledge and traditional philosophies into practice in environmental stewardship projects. There are 17 Iroquois communities located within the political boundaries of the… Read more »

Diabetes, Cree Nation and traditional medicine

Contributed by Alain Cuerrier, Montreal Botanical Garden and ISE North America Representative In 2002, I was approached by a pharmacologist, Pierre Haddad, who wanted to help native people prevent and tackle diabetes that prevailed then and now within their population. Diabetes is up to 5 times more prevalent among First Nations communities than in the… Read more »