After 20 years of existence, including a recent phase of organizational growth and capacity-building, the ISE initiated a self-reflective exercise in 2008 to assess the Society’s effectiveness and explore ways to continue to support the revitalization of the planet’s biological and cultural diversity.

The key questions posed as part of this “re-envisioning exercise” were

  • whether the original vision as set out in 1988 was being fulfilled;
  • whether the efforts being made were effective and efficient in defending biocultural diversity, especially with the increasing human and ecological crises of the 21st century;
  • whether things could or should be done in more effective ways; and
  • how the ISE could be strengthened as a sustainable and vibrant organization over the next 20 years.

Related questions of organizational structure and financial mechanisms to ensure future administration and activities of the ISE are viable and self-sustaining were also explored. The organizational and financial considerations necessarily underlie all aspects of the re-envisioning exercise.