We have begun researching the origins of the ISE logo and believe we have found the original artist.

ISE_OriginalLogo_Scan_healedThe ISE logo was designed on a wood block in 1986 by artist Joubert Pantanêro from Maranhão. He based the artwork on Darrell Posey’s explanation of what ethnobiology meant, and the importance of interactions between humans and their environment, especially within indigenous societies. We believe it was intended to depict a healing ceremony. The somewhat simple representation of nature, in the plants and bird that are visible, was appropriate for the style of wood carving.  Prints were made of the wood carving and used in fliers, posters and programs for the First International Congress of Ethnobiology—at which the ISE was founded—while the original artwork itself was on display at the Congress. The design was later adopted by the Society as its official logo.


If you have any memories or information about the ISE logo that you would like to share, please contact the ISE.