As outlined in Annex 2 of the ISE Constitution, membership of the Global Coalition will consist of those individuals and institutions who wish to work in unity guided by the following principles:

1. Members will actively seek organizations to join the coalition;

2. Members will collaborate with indigenous organizations and indigenous peoples to develop multi-cultural, multi-lingual education and training materials;  Members will actively request governments and educators to use these materials;

3. Member researchers will take an ethically and socially responsible approach in their dealings with indigenous/native peoples and will provide a full feedback of their findings and results;

4. Members will use and engage the media whenever, wherever, and however possible to promote The Declaration of Belém and the Kunming Action Plan;

5. The Global Coalition demands to be heard in the United Nations World Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) and will actively pursue representation;

6. Members will work to guarantee that indigenous knowledge be duly considered in national and international development programs and projects;

7. Members will help to secure the recognition of traditional and indigenous knowledge as inventive and intellectual, and, therefore, worthy of protection in all legal, ethical, and professional frameworks;

8. Members will form an Ethics Committee to set standards and monitor the progress of the Kunming Action Plan;

9. Members will establish a “STRATEGY FOR THE GLOBAL COALITION” to guide activities for 1992 and beyond.