Book release from the ISE Congress for the general public

Peoples and NaturesThe IRD éditions published a book for the general public right on time for the congress. The purpose of this book, titled Peoples and Natures, is to inform about the tremendous diversity of topics explored by ethnobiologists through 120 pictures taken by nearly fifty researchers during their fieldwork throughout the world. Understanding how human societies and their natural environment mutually influence each other is at the heart of current major environmental issues, including sustainable development and climate change. Indigenous peoples and local communities — holders of a rich knowledge about nature and related technical know-how — are fully recognized as key actors in policies pertaining to biodiversity management.

The photographs presented in this book reveal the impressive complexity of linkages woven over time between people and nature, on all continents and in the most diverse environments. They also show the diverse related ways of life and the wide array of subjects that need to be explored in order to decrypt such complexity.

Scientific editors: Élisabeth Motte-Florac, Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas and Edmond Dounias

Trilingual book: French / English / Spanish, Format 27 x 24 cm, 176 pages in four-color process, 120 pictures

Release: May 2012, ISBN: 978-2-7099-1724-7, Price: 35 €

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