Update on the 2014 ISE Congress – 1-7 June 2014, Bhutan

The biennial congress is the official meeting of the ISE, providing a time and place to formally gather our diverse membership for ethnobiology exchanges and to conduct Society business.  It is the embodiment of the ISE’s core mandate to facilitate an “ethical space” where different worldviews can interact and share information across geographical and cultural… Read more »

Getting to Know Bhutan before the 2014 ISE Congress

Contributed by Jigme Dorji, Olivia Sylvester, Anna Varga Bhutan has a rich biocultural heritage, but information about this country may be challenging to find. To help you prepare for your travels in 2014 to attend the 14th International Society of Ethnobiology Congress in Bhutan, we have provided you with some important facts. 1. Where is… Read more »

Update on the ISE 2014 Congress

The Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment under the Department of Forests and Park Services (Ministry of Agriculture and Forests), in partnership with the ISE, is pleased to host the 14th ISE Congress in Lamai Gompa, Bumthang, Bhutan. The Congress will be convened from June 1-7, 2014, with all fieldtrips following the Congress week…. Read more »

Update from the ISE Interim Board

The ISE Interim Board is pleased to let the members know that we were successful in securing a new 17-month grant from The Christensen Fund (TCF). The timing of this grant (May 2011-September 2012) will carry the ISE through the next Congress in May 2012 and allow the necessary time for continuation of our three… Read more »

Maori claim to the Waitangi Tribunal

A part of ISE’s history: Maori claim to the Waitangi Tribunal From Maui Solomon, Barrister at Law, Porirua New Zealand, past ISE President Tena kotou katoa (greetings to all), The long awaited historic report on the Maori claim to the Waitangi Tribunal (known colloquially as the Wai 262 claim) in relation to indigenous flora and… Read more »