We are pleased to invite applications to attend the International Society of Ethnobiology’s 5th pre-congress workshop for emerging ethnobiologists, on the theme “Ethnobiology in the 21st Century: reflecting on the Declaration of Belém 30 years on”. The workshop will take place on the 2nd-6th August 2018 in Sirituba, Brazil, prior to the main congress in Belém. Attendees will be required to arrive on the 1st August in Belém.

The workshop aims to bring together a range of critical perspectives on ethical practice and epistemic justice in ethnobiology, and to dissect and discuss the relevance and limitations of the Declaration of Belém and the ISE Code of Ethics in light of contemporary issues in ethnobiology. Confirmed indigenous and academic mentors will attend from Canada, United-States, Taiwan, Brazil, and French Guiana. 

For more information on the goals of the workshop, program, venue, and costs, download the documents below:

Belem2018_Call_for_applicants_Workshop Info


Please forward this information to others who may be interested in participating. Thank you for your interest and support!