Dear ISE members,

In order to share the experiences of the 2016 Congress with members who were not able to attend, we have put together a small online-only newsletter. It includes an announcement from the incoming ISE President, Verna Miller, on the current state of the Society; a report from the Congress organizers; a submission of reflections from Congress attendees and an announcement of the 2018 Congress.

A Letter from the President


Current State of the ISE
Written by Pepeyla (Verna) Miller
Recently the ISE Board had a very informative discussion with Glenn Shepard about the upcoming 2018 Congress venue in Belém, Brazil. The Congress will take place August 6-11, 2018. The Congress organizers are in negotiations with numerous funding agencies…


Meet the new board here:

Congress Reports

13668905_10153591730521455_167587945218953387_oThe 15th Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE), Makerere University, Kampala, 1-7 August 2016
Written by Christine Kabuye
The 15th Congress was spearheaded and organized from the Department of Plant Sciences, Microbiology and Biotechnology, College of Natural Sciences, Makerere University…



The ISE’s 4th Pre-Congress Workshop for Emerging Ethnobiologists
Written by Robin Wild and Karly Burch
It was our pleasure to serve as the ISE’s student representatives for two years and to plan the ISE’s 4th Pre-Congress Student Workshop for Emerging Ethnobiologists. To briefly summarize our activities over the past two years, we spent our first six months as student representatives brainstorming…


Reflections on the 2016 Congress


Reflections on the 2016 Congress in Kampala
Written by Pepeyla (Verna) Miller
Beautiful Lake Bunyoni near Kabale, Uganda, was the location of our Emerging Ethnobiologists Workshop and Retreat. The Entusi Retreat Center is a piece of paradise on one of the many islands that reside in Lake Bunyoni. The staff are, bar none, the best hosts I personally have ever encountered…



Reflections on My Experience at the ISE 2016 Congress, Kampala, Uganda
Written by Daniel Salau Rogei
The 2016 ISE congress’ theme, ‘Ethno biological knowledge for improved human well being and development’ was particularly relevant for Africa where the congress was held. The community’s indigenous knowledge, is and could be the key to address escalating poverty…


Reflection about the ISE Congress 2016
Written by Yuba Raj Subedi
ISE provides me opportunity to participate in the ISE congress at Kampala, where I had opportunity to share cultural practices of Chepang Indigenous communities on traditional medicine and how it became vulnerable due to migration and other factors…


Outcomes from the 2016 Congress

logo-smallThe Kampala Statement Regarding Children’s Ethnobiological Knowledge and Education, produced by Edmond Dounias, Sandrine Gallois, Velina Ninkova and XiaoJie Tian, was a concrete policy statement that came out of the 2016 Congress.



The next ISE Congress


Announcement of the 2018 ISE Congress in Belém, Brazil
Written by Glenn Shepard and Flávio Bezerra Barros
2018 represents the 30th anniversary of the first International Congress of Ethnobiology which was held in 1988 at the Goeldi Museum in Belém. To celebrate this important anniversary, the Goeldi Museum and the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) are proposing to host…