The current ISE Board is recommending several updates to the ISE Constitution. Please log in below to view and vote on the proposed amendments. Note that you must be a current ISE member to access your ballot. To become a member or renew a lapsed membership, go here.

Voting closes Friday 5 August at 21:00 UTC!

A note about formatting:

All changes are indicated in red bold type. In some cases, further explanation is in black bold type contained in [brackets]. Language in brackets will not appear in the revised constitution. Where a deletion is proposed, the original text remains, but is formatted with a strikethrough. In cases where the edit is so minor that it is difficult to see (e.g. punctuation is removed or added), the edit is described in brackets.

In cases where a sub-article has changed or been added, the main article is listed for context. To reference sub-articles that come before or after, take note of the numbering, and refer to the full revised constitution, here: ISE Constitution Amendments (2014-2016)