Summary of the Current State of the ISE
Written by Pepeyla (Verna) Miller

ISE_Logo_sepiaRecently the ISE Board had a very informative discussion with Glenn Shepard about the upcoming 2018 Congress venue in Belem Brazil. The Congress will take place August 6-11, 2018. The Congress organizers are in negotiations with numerous funding agencies and determining where the event will take place. It seems funding our Congresses continues to be a worthy challenge that I am sure we all appreciate. The hours and efforts our hosts put into ensuring the success of our Congresses is something I feel is necessary in order to continue in the spirit of Darrell Posey’s Dream.

I am very happy to inform you that we have a new Vice-President in Dr. Richard Stepp. Dr. Stepp is from the University of Florida in the USA. His academic background is in Anthropology with specialization in conservation of bio-cultural diversity, cultural diversity, environmental anthropology and ethnobiology. We are still looking for a Treasurer. Please continue to recruit or think about taking on this position. These positions are critical to our continued success as an important Global Organization. I am particularly proud of the young Ethnobiologists who have joined the ISE and have already taken on some of these important roles.

The greatest challenge we are facing at this time is in the transition period we undertake as the core funding diminishes. Not having the core funding means the loss of many services we have enjoyed in the past decade or so. The challenge is great, yes, but the energy and commitment you as ISE members, have is critical to our survival. In my mind, the ISE brings together the acknowledgement of Indigenous and traditional knowledge at a critical time in our biological and ecological history. We cannot afford to lose this knowledge to the whims of corporations who seek to continue commodification and destruction of the last bastions of biodiversity, critical ecosystems important eco-niches and Indigenous and traditional peoples spiritual landscapes.